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SET-Structural Energetic Therapy

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What is Structural Energetic Therapy®?

      Structural Energetic Therapy® is an advanced type of rehabilitative bodywork which promotes pain relief for acute and chronic conditions/ailments through structural alignment, physically and emotionally.



     Structural Energetic Therapy® is based on the premise that more than 90% of the population has a distortion in their cranium, and therefore, in their pelvis as the bones in each correspond to one another.  This distortion or misalignment creates further structural imbalances in the rest of the body which manifest as various types of pains or conditions (i.e. joint pain, sciatica, arthritis, TMJ, migraines, herniated/ bulging discs).

      This imbalance causes some muscles to become chronically tight while others become weaker due to the collapse. Consequently, 50% of most people's muscles reach only 50% of their strength capacity.

     As the pelvic "core" is brought back into balance, the body is able to equally weight bear.  Once balanced, most people experience significant pain relief and increased strength and endurance.

What does it involve?

  • postural analysis to determine where the body is exhibiting compensatory patterns
  • integration of cranial/structural releases to initiate the unwinding of the structure out of the core distortion and into long-lasting structural balance and support
  • application of acupressure points to provide quick releases of blockages
  • specific and specialized myofascial soft tissue protocols to release myofascial holding patterns and scar tissues/adhesions
  • energetic healing techniques for those in which hands on treatment is contraindicated
  • Frontal/Occipital Decompression technique to help cleanse and detox and balance the left and right brains
  • EERT (Emotional Energy Release Therapy) to facilitate the release of trapped emotional energy; thereby, alleviating areas of pain

What conditions can SET effectively treat and/or alleviate?

scoliosis                 TMJ                                    concussions            

back/neck pain       migraines                           arthritis

sciatica                  rotator cuff injuries              fibromyalgia

whiplash                carpal tunnel syndrome        lupus

hip/knee pain         thoracic outlet syndrome      sports injuries     

osteoporosis           chronic fatigue syndrome     heel spurs

plantar fasciitis       herniated/bulging discs        Trigger finger

tendonitis               spondylothesis                    depression   

 ADHD                    learning challenges             anxiety

                                      ...and so much more!!!


Cranial/Structural Techniques

Frontal/Occipital Decompression a cranial technique which helps to detox and balance the left and right brains.  It increases the volume and efficiency of the lymphatic fluid to remove waste products from the brain and the rest of the body.  This technique along with the cranial/structural core distortion release have proven to provide very positive results in treating symptoms of concussion and whiplash as well as behavioral and cognitive challenges. Some of the numerous benefits are:

  • boosted immune functioning
  • better memory
  • improved cognitive and social behavior
  • increased focus and attention
  • improved sense of emotional well-being
  • reduced anxiety/depression
  • greater clarity
  • reduced pain
  • headache/migraine relief


  Core Distortion Release I a cranial technique which helps to release restrictions in the myofascial membranes of the cranium, initiating the myofascial unwinding in the rest of the body.  This in turn facilitates the soft tissue work to release the body's holding patterns, scar tissue, and adhesions. 

     Core Distortion Release II a cranial technique which fine-tunes the release of the myofascial restrictions in the membranes of the cranium. 













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