Empowerful Bodywork
Achieve Balance Naturally

Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Massage for                                   Adults and Children

       Structural Alignment     ♦     Cranial/Structural Techniques 

            Scar Tissue Release  ♦  Nervous System Regulation 

Brain Detox and Balancing   ♦   Emotional Balancing


          Alleviate painful conditions by balancing your structure.


                  Balancing your structure is the key to optimal health!  

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Empowerful Bodywork





Located at:

SET Training Center:     and    at      Essential Balance Wellness Center

134 Whitaker Rd.                       5606 N. Nebraska Ave                   

  Lutz, FL  33549                        Tampa, FL  33604                                                                                                                          

Mission Statement

      To facilitate inner peace by balancing the physiological and emotional structure of the human body.




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