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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it helpful to combine the SET work with other modalities  (i.e. chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture)?

2. How will I feel after my session?

3. What are the benefits of SET?

4. Are there any medical conditions that would make the SET work inadvisable?

5.  What is MPS Therapy?

1. Is it helpful to combine the SET work with other modalities (i.e. chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and MPS therapy)?

    Absolutely! Applying the Cranial/Structural Release first will make other therapeutic modalites much more effective.

     MPS Therapy and the SET work work well together.  Both modalities help to break up scar tissue and also work with the cranium.  Applying the cranial/structural release first in the SET work helps to make the MPS therapy more effective. In addition, MPS therapy can be used immediately after surgery or an injury (sprained or twisted ankle); however, not on an open would.

     Chiropractic care can be a great adjunct to the SET work.  As with any type of therapy, it really depends on the type of techniques and approaches used by chiropractors  to determine those which would work best with the SET work.  The SET work facilitates and optimizes chiropractic adjustments by loosening up and mobilizing myofascial restrictions which would otherwise pull the spine back out of alignment.

     Physical Therapy is a great complement, particularly when the client has achieved greater balance in the pelvis.  With a more supportive bodily structure, the client is now in a more optimal position to engage in strengthening exercises without causing injury.

  Acupuncture is also very helpful since it is helping to get lifeforce energy moving by removing blockages.  The SET work moves towards  balancing the structure by loosening up restrictions in the tissue so this stagnation is less likely to reoccur in those same spots.  It is not always optimal for clients to receive these treatments on the same day especially if the client tends to be extremely tired afterwards.  On the other hand, acupuncture may also reduce pain, which would support same day treatment.  

     *It is important for different practitioners working with the same individual to communicate and collaborate so that they are working together to provide maximum support and relief for that individual.

 2. How will I feel after a SET session?

    This really varies from individual to individual.  In general, you will feel  more relaxed, calmer, and rejuvenated.  Some will have more energy and mental clarity and will all of a sudden have that motivation to get unfinished projects done or make decisions to move forward. 

   *Please note that a session can also trigger a healing crisis.  Some of the old familiar symptoms may reappear initially, but then one often feels better than ever.  Some may feel tenderness or soreness the next day as the muscles loosen up and you release chronic tension.  This is good!

Take it easy on yourself and rest during this time to maximize the results.  Epsom salt baths are suggested to help keep toxins moving out of your body.

**If one is experiencing a lot of physical or emotional pain which is not going away, it may be beneficial to have a breath session or have the frontal/occipital decompression administered. These techniques have proven helpful in releasing toxins from the body.  

3.  What are the benefits of the SET work?

   The benefits are numerous!!!!!  Here is a partial list!

  •   Reduces stress (Yay!!))
  •   Promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being
  •   Provides pain relief
  •   Decreases anxiety and depression
  •   Reduces recovery time of injuries
  •   Relieves muscle aches and pains
  •   Releases “feel good”  endorphins
  •   Enhances lymph flow to boost immunity
  •   Increases blood circulation
  •   Restores mental alertness and  productivity
  •   Provides clarity  

4.  Are there any medical conditions in which SET therapy would not be recommended?

     Yes!!!  Please let the therapist know of any medications you are taking or surgeries (recent or not) you have had.   Also, it is important that she is aware of any conditions you present with.  Some conditions are not only contraindicated, but could be life-threatening with bodywork. Therefore, it is paramount that you share pertinent medical information to the therapist in order to keep you safe.  

5.  What is MPS Therapy?

     MPS Therapy, Micro-Current Point Stimulation Therapy or Dolphin Neurostim Therapy, is a modality which incorporates the use of one or two handheld devices which are used directly on acupuncture and trigger points to maximize healing.   The micro-current which is emitted mimics the frequency of  our own body's electrical system at the cellular level.  This frequency has shown to reduce our stress response and instead reset us into one of calmness and relaxation--a parasympathetic response.  This promotes maximum healing with physiological, emotional, and immunological conditions.

     The devices can also be used on the cranium to help with anxiety and depression, inflammation, and with sensory challenges--particularly for children.

      MPS is a great tool to help break up scar tissue. which can often be what's literally "holding" someone from being able to completely heal.  

*Please note that cancer is a contraindication for MPS therapy.

   Please call for more information.   


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