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Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing/Remote Healing

  Susan draws upon her training and knowledge of various energy healing modalities such as Cranial/Structural Energetics, Reiki, and Reconnective Healing to optimize her clients' healing sessions.

What is it?  

     It is a hands off healing technique which applies the laws of Quantum Physics to create greater balance physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The therapist serves as a conduit for the Universal energy. The healing is determined by the innate wisdom of the  body, and therefore, the client cannot be harmed.  

 When are Energetic healing techniques recommended?

     Energetic healing  can be applied any time and is beneficial to all.  It is a great option when hands on work would otherwise be contraindicated or if an individual is not able to come into the office.

Will it always work?

  Most of the time, yes; however, like all other modalities, energetic and otherwise, the healing that occurs is up to the individual receiving the treatment.They can choose to accept the healing or not.  On a soul level, they may choose not to receive the healing--This can be due to a soul's deeper purpose to learn from or to experience the condition or ailment they may be suffering from. 

Will it cure a specific ailment?

     The intention is not to focus on a specific area of the body, but rather, be an observer, and serve as a conduit for the healing energy to flow where it is needed.  Oftentimes, there is an emotional component or a primary cause/site for the pain or condition which does not necessarily show itself where the individual is experiencing symptoms.

    Allowing space for the energy to flow where needed makes it more probable that the alleviation of pain or certain conditions will be more effective and longer lasting as the underlying imbalances will be addressed.


What kinds of conditions can it alleviate?

The possibilities are limitless!

  • headaches
  • anxiety/depression
  • pain (i.e. back, hip, knee, neck)
  • sciatica
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • plantar fasciitis
  • muscle pain
  • auto-immune disorders (i.e fibromyalgia, arthritis)
  • brain fog



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