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EERT (Emotional Energy Release Therapy)


SET Breathwork--EERT (Emotional Energy Release Therapy)

    "If you think money is the most important resource in the world, try holding your breath while you count your cash."    Author Unknown

     "It is not the world that needs peace; it is people.  When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace.

                                                               ----Words of Peace Global


Why Emotional Energy Release Therapy? feel better by releasing stuck emotional energy; and thereby reducing the physical somatic symptoms.

What is EERT?

    There is a mind/body connection where trapped emotional energy manifests as physical pain.  This trapped energy can be stored for years and be stuck within chronically tightened muscles. 

     Painful issues from the past are more readily resolved when tightened musculature is loosened and freed up, creating awareness and flexibility, physically and emotionally!

     EERT facilitates the release of this blocked emotional energy in a safe setting.  When the painful emotional energy is released, old painful emotional patterns also begin to disappear.  As a result, many physical conditions can heal more rapidly. 

What Happens in EERT?

     The therapist provides a safe and supportive place for the client to express the stuck emotional energy.  Sometimes, emotions such as sadness, rage, or fear come up---emotions which may have been suppressed due to childhood or familiar taboos or restrictions.  Most people will only release as much as they can handle at one time.

     The process begins with deep, rhythmic breathing which helps the client build up a charge in their body. This charge will build behind the stuck emotional energy, allowing it to mobilize and be expressed; and consequently, allowing the tightened  musculature where from within it has been stored, to also be mobilized.

                         mobilization=flow=pain relief

      After the discharge of emotional energy, the client usually experiences a deep relaxation as the body integrates the changes.

      It is also possible for the client to experience a healing crisis, resulting in temporary emotional and/or physical discomfort. 

Physical Conditions that improve with EERT include:

  • chronic pain throughout the body
  • pain caused by accidents and injuries
  • headaches
  • digestion problems
  • genito-urinary problems

       Some of the emotional energy behind these conditions which is released include:

           stress                                          co-dependence issues

           grief                                             separation difficulties

           depression                                   panic disorders

           anxiety                                         fear 

           post-traumatic stress issues        abuse issues

Additional Benefits:

     As with any of the SET work, the client's life is TRANSFORMED.  As they release emotional pain, their physical pain also tends to dissipate if not disappear, and they find that their lives are more fulfilling, joyful, and full of vitality.



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