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  Structural Energetic Therapy® for Children

    *Although this therapy was developed particularly for children with special qualities , ALL children can benefit from this therapy.

What is Structural Energetic Therapy® (SET) and how did it come about?

     Structural Energetic Therapy® was developed and founded by Don McCann, who has been practicing in the field of rehabilitative bodywork for more than 40 years. 

      Parents of children with diagnoses such as ADHD, autism, and sensory-integration challenges began coming to Don for help.  It is through his research and experience with these children that he confirmed that many had excess fluid in the frontal lobe of their cranium. 

      As a result of this confirmation, Don developed a specific cranial technique, the Frontal/Occipital Decompression (The "Lymphatic Pump") as an effective way to help children AND adults to drain this excess fluid, and thus, the buildup of toxins in their brains. 

                                                 Frontal/Occipital Decompression

      In order to maximize the brain's ability to detox, Don found that he first needed to "prime" the brain by balancing the cranium.  This was achieved by additional cranial decompression techniques--"core distortion releases" which he had already developed.  These releases not only help balance the brain, but also help the entire bodily structure begin to unwind and also balance.

What kinds of results have children receiving this therapy encountered?

  • improved concentration
  • more appropriate social and behavioral skills (i.e. reduction in self-stimming)
  • better academic performance
  • reduced anxiety
  • better sleep patterns
  • improved coordination
  • fewer incidents of seizure activity (if have seizures)


                                               Core Distortion Release I

What are the recommended number of treatment sessions?

  "5" seems to be the magic number.  So far, every child who has received at least 5 treatment sessions has experienced a significant improvement in one or more of the areas highlighted above.

    The actual number and frequency beyond that depends on the child and the severity of their condition and symptoms they originally present with.

    *Please note that depending on your child, the first session may include acclimating your child to the space. We work at your child's pace, providing an area of safety and comfort in order to build up their ability and trust to receive the treatments.   

For more information,

Visit the founder's website:

Youtube video describing the therapy: Help for the Autistic Through  Cranial Decompression  (Refer to the Related Links Page to view this video.)





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