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      Susan Hayes, SET, LMT , M.ED                                               License:   MA  81085

     I am the private owner of Empowerful Bodywork.  I am  a Structural Energetic Therapist for both children and adults.   Prior to becoming a rehabilitative therapist, I was a teacher, and still am, but in a different capacity! 

      My philosophy is to help adults AND children to achieve optimal health, and to educate one on how to continually improve one's health.   Consequently, I had been on a quest to find what would provide my clients with the maximum results most quickly and effectively, and for long-term.  My quest led me to Structural Energetic Therapy®. 

      Structural Energetic Therapy® (  has been an incredible addition to my repertoire of skills, greatly amplifying my ability to effectively and quickly achieve positive results for acute and chronic pain sufferers long-term.

      The driving force of my quest has been the number of clients who have been coming to me with chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, anxiety/depression, ADHD, and a host of other ailments and conditions.  In order to deal with their conditions, clients use medications with serious side effects which often serve as a “band-aid” of their condition. This is not to judge my clients.  When you are in such pain, and I have been there, you need quick relief!  I am NOT advocating replacing current medicine—only complementing it with therapeutic modalities without the side effects!...and offering a solution which supports not only “life”, but a higher quality of life!

       As I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection, my sessions are strongly guided by intuition. 

      With that said, the progress of my clients is a partnership.  It is the changes in lifestyle which will help clients to optimize the sessions they receive. 

       If you are ready to commit to feeling better than ever rather than living “status quo”, then I am ready to help facilitate your transformation.


Susan Hayes

MA  81085     MM  23941





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